The forerunner to Social Work Scotland, the Association of Directors of Social Work (ADSW) was constituted in October 1969 in response to the Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968. This Act, developed from the findings of the Kilbrandon report in 1964, was an immensely important landmark in Scottish social work history. The Act led to the creation of social work departments and established social work as a professional service within local government. It further determined that a local authority would appoint an officer known to be a ‘Director of Social Work’: a post given wide ranging responsibilities and also protection.

The Directors came together to form ADSW. Membership at the time of its constitution was open to all Directors of Social Work appointed by local authorities under the Act. The main objects of the Association were stated as ‘the promotion of social welfare and the promotion of the interests of service users’. By 2014, we’d come a long way and membership was opened to all sector and all levels of seniority and we became Social Work Scotland.

If you would like to know more about the history, legacy and future of Social Work Scotland, read the ‘Our Foundations and Our Future’ document here.

Past President list

1970  H Mapstone1971  J Murphy
1972  J Gregory1973  J Johnston
1974  W Grant1977  J Murphy
1978  S Moxley1979  D Macdonald
1980  H Garland1981  R Winter
1982  R Poor1983  A Gillespie
1984  M Hartnoll1985  M Hartnoll
1986  R Kent1987  R Kent
1989  F Edwards1990  I Ross
1991  A Robb1992  I Gilmour
1993  J Dick1994  P Bates
1995  P Bates1996  A Cameron
1997  L McEwan1998  P Cassidy
1999  G Irvine2000  M Wells
2001  C Wilkinson2002  J Dickie
2003  D MacAulay2004  A Jay
2005  C Mackenzie2006  D Crawford
2007  B Docherty2008  A Baird
2009  H Dempster2010 M Miller
2011 A Lowe2012 P Macleod
2013 S Riddell2014 H Stevenson
2015 A Gaw2016 E Torrance
2017 S Taylor2018 J Irvine
2019 K Lindsay