Ahead of key debates or committee meetings we may submit a briefing note setting out the social work position on an issue.

These have been crafted to inform key stakeholders and politicians around specific issues and so will not be a complete picture of all the challenges and opportunities in a particular policy area. It may be helpful to read these briefings in conjunction with the official report of the relevant parliamentary debate or committee meeting.


A statement on the GIRFEC principles

Social Work Scotland shares the ambition that Scotland becomes the best place in the world to grow up.

To achieve that we know every child and family has to have access to the help they need, from people they know and trust, before a challenge becomes a crisis. The Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) approach remains our best chance of achieving that.

The Deputy First Minister’s announcement last week (19/9/19), withdrawing legislation which would have put the Named Person service on a statutory footing, does not signal the end of this policy. For Social Work Scotland, the announcement draws a helpful line after two years of uncertainty, allowing organisations and professionals to now get on with making GIRFEC real for children and families across the country.

We encourage our members and partners to reassert their commitment to the principles and aims of GIRFEC, and acknowledge the considerable progress already made.


Child Protection Briefing

Briefing outlining important actions required in protecting Scotland’s children.


Children’s Hearings Scotland Bill

Joint briefing for stage 3 of the Children’s Hearings Scotland Bill from ADSW and COSLA. This briefing refers in particular to amendment 98


Child Protection

Labour Party Debate