Our partnership

We are proud to have a longstanding relationship with Social Work Scotland and its predecessor ADSW. Over the years, we have used that partnership to develop our therapeutic residential and fostering services, and our award winning Why Not? initiative to provide lifelong connections for care experienced young people in Scotland. We have participated in committees and held round table discussions on how we can continue to develop innovative, relevant and safe services.

Care Visions has grown from its original base in children’s services to develop new approaches to dementia care and therapies in China. In the year ahead, we look forward to working with Social Work Scotland to bring those approaches back to the UK.

Our solution

Headquartered in Scotland, Care Visions provides small therapeutic residential services for young people in Scotland, and fostering services in Scotland and Ireland. Our At Home service in England is further developing a specialism in home based dementia care,  and Care Visions in China has developed a non-pharmacological approach to dementia therapies, which will form the basis of future dementia services in the UK.

Our aim is to use the latest research and expertise to develop a range of services which puts people at the heart of our practice.

We also present updates at Social Work Scotland events and conferences throughout the year.

Further information

We’re always happy to talk to people about our services, so please, get in touch: Cathy Jamieson | Chief Executive Officer Children’s Services| cathy.jamieson@carevisions.org.uk

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