Our Partnership

We’ve had a long relationship with Social Work Scotland and its predecessor organisation ADSW. As we’ve grown our idea into a product, tested it and are now seeing it implemented, our relationship with Social Work Scotland has been vital.  

Our relationship works, because it is mutually beneficial. It involves us using the information and experience of SWS members to shape our products so that they support the development of relevant and useful products; and we provide valuable resources for Social Work Scotland. 

Our solution

Our ARMED service allows people to use wearable technology such as wrist watches and heart rate monitors to manage their own care and increase their awareness of how to improve their health. 

We work in partnership with the Digital Health Institute and the University of Napier to develop a system that can harvest data from this wearable tech and enable us to see when someone is dehydrated; hasn’t slept enough; or hasn’t moved in a while and is therefore more likely to fall and end up in hospital. 

Our product aims to prevent falls and encourage self-care, in turn preventing more falls. 

Here’s a short video that explains what we do: 



Further information

We’re always happy to talk to people about ARMED or our other services, so please, get in touch: Brian Brown | Director for Scotland | brian.brown@hastec.ltd

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