Our Partnership

We are Younifi and we are a new sponsor of Social Work Scotland. We are developing a new product to support local authorities, providers and individuals as they seek to manage the transactions and provide choice around self-directed packages of care and support. 

Younifi’s relationship with Social Work Scotland is mutually beneficial: we provide your members with up-to-date knowledge and understanding of our products and give them the opportunity to shape them; while we provide valuable resources to Social Work Scotland ti support them to carry out their work. 

Our solution

We have a system that can allow individuals to buy services from the local area, a bit like shopping at Amazon. The system then invoices the local authority once each month, vastly reducing the amount of paper work for those using SDS options 1 and 2. This helps small providers, local authorities and individuals.  

It provides both a back office invoice / payment management service as well an easy to use, intuitive portal for people using services and their carers. 

Younifi’s product is new to market and they are keen to get feedback from organisations that might be able to use it or would like to understand more of what it can do. 



Further information

If you would like to talk to us, please contact our Director, Jamie Eaton, at Jamie.Eaton@younifi.co.uk

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