We have a range of publications here which have been developed as a result of national projects we have run; or in conjunction with partners in social work and social care.

While we tend to publish online only, we sometime do have hard copies of these reports and can make these available to you if you contact our office.

Community: A radical current?

The idea of a universal, community-based service was key to the vision of social work that informed the 1968 Social Work (Scotland) Act. In the intervening 50 years did such a vision came to represent a radical, critical current within social work theory and practice in Scotland or did it remain largely aspirational? This paper draws on survey, interview and focus group data collected from current and past practitioners to consider this question.

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50th Anniversary: Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968

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Best Practice and Local Authority Progress in Self-Directed Support

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What the public think about social services and why

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It’s no longer them and us – it’s just us

Report of the Collaborative Practice in Assessment Programme

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Guidance to Chief Social Work Officers on access to Elected Member information

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Facilitating the Journey of Integration

A guide for those supporting the formation of Integration Joint Boards

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Integrating Health and Social Care in Scotland

Report 2: Study findings
Potential impact on children’s services

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Governance for quality social care in Scotland

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