We have a range of publications here which have been developed as a result of national projects we have run; or in conjunction with partners in social work and social care.

While we tend to publish online only, we sometime do have hard copies of these reports and can make these available to you if you contact our office.

Safe and Together scoping report

The Scottish Parliament passed ground-breaking legislation in April 2019, recognising coercive control as a domestic abuse offence. At the same time as this legislation has been being developed, a number of local authorities have also been looking at how they respond to domestic abuse and how they can improve the support they give to women and children as well as to perpetrators of domestic abuse.

Ten local authorities now use the Safe and Together approach. This approach is about partnering with women and supporting them to remain safe and together with their children. To support these 10 local authorities Social Work Scotland, Scottish Women’s Aid, the Improvement Service, the Centre for Inspiring Children’s Futures and Barnardo’s came together to support a piece of scoping research, which develops ideas for how Safe and Together could be sustained and supported in Scotland.

Safe and Together Institute – Report (pdf)

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A New Vision for Social Care in Prisons

A New Vision of Social Care in Prisons by S Levy, F Kumari Campbell, L Kelly and F Fernandes (University of Dundee)

This report, carried out by the University of Dundee, is a key step in the Scottish Government’s review of social care in prisons. It has 17 areas of focus for recommendations, and key themes include human rights, equality and diversity issues, the role of social work in prisons and the impact of prison on people with disability and long term conditions. A New Vision for Social Care in Prison Report.

You can also read the Scottish Government’s response to the report here.

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Prevention or Crisis Response?

The Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968 provided a framework for the newly formed social work profession to use cash assistance in its work with children and adults, for use in emergencies, for preventative and for promotional social work; cash assistance was seen as the resource of a comprehensive Social Work Department. Fifty years on, this small scale study explored the role of financial assistance today from statutory and third sector services through examining the original policy intention of s.12, whether use of cash assistance had changed over time and whether it currently played a role in addressing poverty.

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Self-directed Support and Procurement Best Practice: Key points and myth busting

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50th Anniversary: Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968

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Elected Member Briefing Note: Chief Social Work Officer

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The Role of Chief Social Work Officer

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Managing Demand and Increased Expectations Event Report

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