Social Work Scotland is a professional leadership organisation for the social work and social care professions. We are a membership organisation and represent social workers and other professionals who lead and support social work across all sectors. We have members from local authorities, the voluntary sector, the NHS and the independent sector.

Who we are

We are a group of senior leaders in social work, supported by a team of staff and together we run Social Work Scotland.

Our vision

is of a social work profession across Scotland which is led effectively and creatively; is responsive to the needs of the people we support and protect; is accessible and accountable; and promotes social justice.

Our values

are based on professional leadership to achieve social justice and public protection. We value each person we support as an individual, without judgement; we celebrate and actively promote the unique contribution and role of professional social work; we embrace change and encourage collaborative and integrated arrangements to deliver better outcomes for people; and we support and create opportunities for those within and those supporting the profession of social work in order that we can develop effective and creative leaders for the future.

Our Objectives

  • Influence and shape legislation and policy relating to social work and social care;
  • Promote the unique role, value and contribution of social work and social care;
  • Champion research and evidence informed approaches in our work;
  • Provide professional leadership and increase leadership capacity across social work and social care;
  • Support and encourage workforce development (with a focus on celebrating success, promoting
    standards, achieving practice improvement and demonstrating continuous learning)
  • Recognise the value of continuous improvement through self-evaluation and performance
    improvement action.

Our Board

Our board is made up of the chairs of our committees, our President, Vice President and Past
President and our Treasurer.

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Our staff team is led by our Director and comprises a core team of four permanent staff as well as a team of policy and project staff.

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