Social Work Scotland lead national projects on the design and implementation of policy and legislation which impacts on social work and the people social workers support.

You can find details of each project we are currently working on below as well as the contact details for project team.

When projects are complete, reports and other products can be found under resources.

Care at Home and Support

We’re having a good look at care and support at home. What are the challenges around workforce, commissioning and procurement and who is trying what to deliver sustainable services.

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50th Anniversary of the Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968

Looking back at the last 50 years of social work in Scotland, to understand where we’ve come from, and to help see where where we’re going.

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Health and social care in prisons

Providing care and support in a prison setting has a number of challenges and as the population who need care and support grows and grows older.

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Gender equality storytelling initiative

We are developing a Gender Equality Storytelling Initiative that will raise awareness of gender inequality.

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Safe and Together

This approach is about partnering with women and supporting them to remain safe and together with their children.

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Joint investigative interviews of child witnesses

Social Work Scotland and Police Scotland have been commissioned to develop a new approach to joint investigative interviews.

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Self-directed support

Choice and control is what people using care and support service needs and want.

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