29th August 2019

Social Work Scotland has responded to the Scottish Parliament’s (Education and Skills Committee) call for evidence, at Stage 1 of the Disclosure (Scotland) Bill.

We are grateful for this opportunity to comment on the Disclosure (Scotland) Bill at Stage 1, and to offer our strong support for the policy aims and its general principles.
The extent of consultation, engagement and deliberation which has fed into these proposals is evident, and while some details remain unclear, the Bill’s provisions reflect a considered, evidence-based effort to
bring the disclosure system up to date, balancing public safeguarding and individual human rights.

With this in mind, our response at this time covers the following themes:

  • Principles behind the Bill’s central reforms
  • Coherence across legislation, policy, implementation
  • Childhood convictions
  • Other relevant information
  • Financial impact
  • New referral powers for Scottish councils and Integration Joint Boards

Read the full response here (pdf)