Embracing diversity: our statement on World Social Work Day 2023

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Embracing diversity: our statement on World Social Work Day 2023

We are taking this opportunity to publish a statement which confirms our approaches to diversity and social action at Social Work Scotland.

Social Work Scotland believes in upholding and championing human rights and inclusion for minority and marginalised groups. We do not endorse discrimination and exclusion. We see it as our role to promote and strengthen anti-oppressive, respectful practice and leadership.

Specifically, we are taking steps to learn and understand how our organisation can more actively support social workers facing discrimination and oppression, as well as the individuals and communities they work with. This includes taking steps to diversify our own workforce, and to ensure that our organisation is inclusive, and allows for voices which are less often heard; as well as ensuring that leaders are a critical part of bringing about necessary changes. 

We believe that protecting someone’s right to live a full life, free of discrimination and risk of harm is paramount. This includes anti-racism as a particular matter of interest, but does not exclude other issues, as social workers interact with the lives of individuals, families and communities.