1st April 2019

Our Annual General Meeting is a key date in the Social Work Scotland calendar, marking the beginning and end of our Presidential year.  The event provides an opportunity for members to hear about what the organisation’s been doing on your behalf over the past year, and a chance for you to shape the direction of the organisation in the year ahead.

At this year’s event outgoing President Jackie Irvine will reflect on the developments over 2018-19, and our incoming President Kathryn Lindsay will set out her thoughts for what’s ahead. There will be inputs from the Standing Committee Chairs, and an invited keynote speaker.

The AGM is also where we confirm appointments to our various Officers (e.g. Standing Committee Chairs) and proposed changes to our Articles of Association (our governing constitution). All members are welcome to comment and inform these decisions, but please note that only Full members and Office Bearers are entitled to vote on such matters.