National Adult Support and Protection Conference: 2019


National Adult Support and Protection Conference: 2019

Thank you for coming to our second National Adult Support and Protection Conference 2019
  • Read the agenda here, (pdf) and the main presentations here (pdf)

Morning session

The conference was introduced by the chair, Louise Long, Chief Officer at Inverclyde HSCP, who welcomed Jamie MacDougall from the Scottish Government for the opening address. He announced the launch of the new Improvement Plan, a three-year plan which includes a multi-agency inspection programme that will ensure adults at risk of physical, sexual, psychological or financial harm are protected and identify areas for further development.

Iona Colvin, Chief Social Work Adviser at the Scottish Government talked about perspectives on adult support and protection and reflected on the achievements we’ve made so far and where we’re going next, with the support of the Improvement Plan.

Bob Leslie, chair of Social Work Scotland’s Mental Health subgroup introduced the review of mental health legislation and how it interfaces with Adult Support and Protection legislation.

After a short Q&A session with Bob, Iona and Jamie, Professor Jill Stavert of Edinburgh Napier University’s Centre for Mental Health and Capacity Law built on the presentation given by Bob, and compared the legislation around capacity, consent and supported-decision making, with an emphasis on its roots in human rights.

The Conference Chair, Louise Long, then introduced a video produced by the National Adult Protection Co-ordinator of a carer’s view. The video can be shared on request. Contact the NAPC here.

  • See the full slides from the day here


Afternoon session

Graham Morgan, Engagement and Participation Officer from the Mental Welfare Commission opened the afternoon session talking candidly about his own lived experiences of Adult Support and Protection and the Mental Health System, and how the difficult balance between rights and protection can affect a life.

This was followed by our closing session, from David Crawford, Former Director of Social Work and author of SCR’s. David talked about his broad experiences and the common themes found across significant case reviews; providing a fascinating perspective on organisations and the importance of being able to reflect and learn from mistakes.

  • Notes from David and Graham to come