Non-Executive Director Opportunity – Social Work Scotland Board

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Non-Executive Director Opportunity – Social Work Scotland Board

The Social Work Scotland Board currently has a vacancy for a Non-Executive Director. Our Non-Executive Director positions are critical governance roles for Social Work Scotland, helping to ensure the Board reflects the breadth of professional experience and opinion of our membership. The role is open to all individual members of Social Work Scotland: Associate, Ordinary and Executive.

Normally Board appointments are confirmed at the Annual General Meeting, with individuals taking up positions immediately after for a three-year term. Unfortunately we were not able to invite notes of interest prior to our most recent General Meeting in December 2021, but the Board is empowered to make an interim appointment to this vacancy until our next AGM (December 2022), at which we hope our interim appointee will put their name forward for confirmation by the Social Work Scotland membership.

  To support the organisation to be representative and diverse the Board is particularly interested in hearing from members with the following characteristics and/or experience:

· Currently working within the voluntary / third sector; or

· Currently working within a Higher Education Institution; and

· Comes from one of Scotland’s minority ethnic communities.

  Notes of interest should be sent to by 10:00 on Friday 29 April 2022. If you feel it appropriate, please indicate which of the specific characteristics detailed above apply to you. A paper will then be sent to the Board, listing interested candidates with any accompanying information. The Board will make a decision at its earliest opportunity. All members who note interest will be informed of that decision directly.

  If this opportunity is of interest and you are not currently a member of Social Work Scotland please do still get in touch; a membership application can be expedited to ensure your note of interest in the role can be considered. Contact details same as above: