19th October 2021

Social Work Scotland is proud to make a call to action this year, in 2021, to mark the first birthday of Our Hearings, Our Voice 40 Calls to Action. The first 40 calls, published a year ago today, came from two years of work by the young people, who organised the Calls around children’s rights, particularly in relation to feeling safe and comfortable in Hearings, being suitably informed and able to meaningfully participate, and being fully respected and supported by adults throughout the system who are knowledgeable and committed to fulfilling children’s rights. Our Call to Action is below:

Social Work Scotland is delighted to acknowledge and celebrate the first anniversary of the publication of the 40 Calls to Action by Our Hearings Our Voices which represent values at the core of our unique Children’s Hearing System and of high quality social work practice.  As an organisation representing social workers and social work leaders striving to keep the voice of children and young people at the heart of all our work, the Calls to Action reinforce good social work practice in the Hearing system and the central value of working together to realise that vision and the commitments of The Promise.