Self – directed support: self-evaluation tool


Self – directed support: self-evaluation tool

Self-evaluation and the outcomes on which it is based should be forward looking. It’s about change and improvement, whether gradual, small or significant. It should support us to identify and measure the positive impact for the people with whom we engage with. At the heart of self-evaluation we want to know:

  • How well are we doing?
  • How do we know?
  • What are we going to do now?

As part of our funding from the Scottish Government to support Self-directed Support implementation Social Work Scotland have worked in partnership to produce this self-evaluation tool which aims to provide a framework to help measure how well your organisation is doing with embedding Self-directed Support into practice.

Self-evaluation is a helpful way to check progress, celebrate and evidence what has already been achieved and identify areas you wish to develop further. This tool can be applied at any time to help inform progress. It is intended to compliment existing monitoring and evaluation processes.

You can download the tool here.