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Statement on resources

Social Work Scotland: response to social work funding constraints

Social Work Scotland welcomes the survey report by Unison Scotland published yesterday, 14 November, and an interview with Scottish Care’s Dr Donald Macaskill which between them highlight a number of concerns around the social work and social care workforce.

We share the concerns highlighted in both reports, and we are aware of the impact that funding constraints across the public and third sector are having on social work practice, as well as the increased pressure on frontline workers.

Whilst it is true that funding remains a key concern, we would like to highlight that budgets are only part of the problem, and do not take into account broader issues around social work and its profile in an increasingly complex integrated care landscape. These need to be addressed at a whole system level.

Working with partners across the sector, Social Work Scotland is developing a platform to provide strategic responses to these interconnected issues and risks. We will provide a professional eye on the significant challenges faced through a combination of financial pressures, demographic change, and the cost of implementing new legislation and policies.

We are keen to work in partnership with national and local government to ensure the sustainability and wellbeing of the social work profession, and the crucial role the profession plays in delivering sustainable change in Scotland’s communities.

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