Global Record Access Information Exchange: Childhood Care Records


Start Date: 15/01/2022 12:00 am

End Date:

Venue: Digital link to be provided

Aberdeen City Council (Scotland), Monash University Rights in Records by Design (Melbourne, Australia) and Social Work Scotland invite you to join us at our global event on the 15th of April 2021 0800 – 1100 SMT (Teams Platform).

This is an opportunity to be an active participant in the global movement to radicalise childhood care records; how they are written, who by, the language that is used, access and support to do so. The systems, structures, and scaffolding. Keynote speakers are invited to discuss, share, promote and onboard attendees to projects, research, policy design and development and leadership networks. Are you a trailblazer designing, prototyping or reshaping your recordkeeping processes and systems around the needs of Care experienced people? Would you like to learn from the experiences of others? How can we harness the power of a collective to realise substantive transformations?

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What’s the problem?

Recordkeeping and archiving systems are failing to meet the lifelong identity, memory and accountability needs of children who get caught up in child welfare and protection systems.

  • When those separated from family to grow up in orphanages, children’s homes and more recent forms of statutory care (kinship, foster and residential care) have turned to records to make sense of those experiences they have too often found them lacking and unable to answer their questions.
  • A host of inquiries have and continue to repeatedly demonstrate that past and present recordkeeping and archival infrastructure puts the rights of organisations, institutions, and governments ahead of those of children and their adult selves.
  • Recordkeeping for those who experience out-of-home care continues to be based on the administrative and reporting needs of organisations and government agencies rather than those of the child and their adult selves.

Programme: Global Records Information Exchange (pdf)