Call For Views on Social Security (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill

Children and Families


12th January 2024 

Social Work Scotland is the professional body for social work leaders, working closely with our partners to shape policy and practice, and improve the quality and experience of social services, and those in receipt of those services. The work of Social Security Scotland has positively impacted on the lives of many of those in contact with our Members, and as an organisation we therefore welcome this opportunity to respond to the Call for Views on the Social Security (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill.  

The reflections within this response are drawn from consultation with our membership which covers senior leaders, including Chief Social Work Officers, service and team managers from across the country in both local authorities and third sector who are involved in delivery of services to children and adults. Views primarily relate to the proposals within the Bill around the care leaver payment but also draw on experience from work with guardians and appointees.  Social Work Scotland are also responding separately to the current consultation specifically around the care leaver payment.  

Social Work Scotland as an organisation is supportive and appreciative of the principles underpinning Social Security Scotland. The principles which underpin our professional standards include dignity and respect for others, which align with aspects of the Social Security Scotland principles.