Contextual Safeguarding Event 26/11/2020


Contextual Safeguarding Event 26/11/2020

Thank you for coming to our Contextual Safeguarding Event.

On 26th November 2020, the Scottish Contextual Safeguarding Core Group ran a ½ day online webinar on contextual safeguarding in Scotland.

The event was supported by Social Work Scotland and attended by representatives of key agencies and organisations promoting child protection and welfare, as well as by Carlene Firmin at the University of Bedfordshire.

Speakers mapped current developments in Scotland where contextual safeguarding is being operationalised in local authorities and agencies and local partnerships.

Presentations also provided an opportunity to bring a contextual lens to work in Scotland focusing on extra-familial harm such as child sexual exploitation and child criminal exploitation. The meeting closed with an exploration of the next steps in testing an approach that encourages professionals to protect adolescents from all forms of harm in a Scottish context.

This page provides the notes and presentations from the event (in pdf):

(1) A circular describing the purpose of the event

(2) Introductory links and ideas: slides and notes:  James Cox

(3) North Lanarkshire Pilot : slides: Andrew Gillies

(4) Action for Children : slides: Sharon McIver

(5) Barnardo’s  Scotland : slides: Daljeet Dagon

(6) Update of Developments in England and Wales: slides: Dr Carlene Firmin, University of Bedfordshire

(7) Summary note/ attendees/next steps Stuart Allardyce/ James Cox (link here)