Throughcare Assessment for Release on Licence (TARL) Guidance


The Throughcare Assessment for Release on Licence (TARL) guidance has been developed over a number of years by experienced justice social work practitioners and managers. The key aim of TARL is to improve practice by producing an integrated parole board report for long term prisoners.

The guidance offers a framework and structure which guides co-production and collaboration work between community and prison based social work staff which we believe will strengthen risk assessment, risk management and the overall quality of the report.

TARL represents a significant change in practice and culture and we recognise the challenges associated with such a change to our practice. We are committed to reviewing the implementation of TARL and will do so through the Social Work Scotland Justice Standing Committee, the AJTPN and relevant interface forums such as those the Committee has with Parole Board and SPS.

The documents on this page have been updated as of April 2024.