Safe and Together

Domestic abuse is a pattern of controlling, coercive, threatening, degrading and/or violent behaviour, including sexual violence, by a partner or ex-partner. Domestic abuse is overwhelmingly experienced by women and perpetrated by men. It doesn’t matter how old someone is, what race or ethnicity they are, what class they are, whether or not they are disabled, or whether they have children – anyone can be a victim of abuse.

The Scottish Parliament passed ground-breaking legislation in April 2019, recognising coercive control as a domestic abuse offence. At the same time as this legislation has been being developed, a number of local authorities have also been looking at how they respond to domestic abuse and how they can improve the support they give to women and children as well as to perpetrators of domestic abuse.

Ten local authorities now use the Safe and Together approach. This approach is about partnering with women and supporting them to remain safe and together with their children. To support these 10 local authorities and to encourage others to join them, Social Work Scotland, Scottish Women’s Aid, the Improvement Service, the Centre for Inspiring Children’s Futures and Barnardo’s came together to support a piece of scoping research,which develops ideas for how Safe and Together can be sustained and supported in Scotland.