Connections for wellbeing & contact framework

Children and Families

Please find below the Framework for decision-makers to ensure children in public care maintain strong connections with family during the Covid-19 pandemic.
(Two appendices are also attached, as separate documents, alongside a separate note.

Work on this framework was initiated at the request of the Chief Social Work Officers and Social Work Scotland Children and Families Committees in May, and updated in January 2021 to reflect developments. It has been developed in consultation with Children’s Hearings Scotland, CELCIS, SASW, SWS Standing Committee and sub-group members, The Fostering Network and the Scottish Government.

Please note that this is a Social Work Scotland framework, not Scottish Government or CHS / SCRA official guidance. It is provided to support local decision making and the development/updating of local guidance. It does not seek to replace any existing guidance or policy you may have developed. It is also an evolving document, requiring adaptation as public health response to the pandemic develops.

If you have any questions about the framework, please don’t hesitate to contact: