Tests of change: Social Care in Prisons second workshop 2019


Tests of change: Social Care in Prisons second workshop 2019

Thank you for coming to our second of three workshops on tests of change!

The workshop was held in December 2019 and reviewed progress on the test of change sites. It follows on from the first workshop.

Read the agenda here. (Word)

The Tests of Change (ToC) sites are updated from their locations (notes available at the bottom of this page). In news from the project team, Alison Bavidge gave an update on work that was ongoing, relating to data sharing agreements for the test of change evaluation data. Each site must make its own data-sharing arrangements for the purposes of service delivery.

Yvonne Robson and Fiona Mackinnon from Shine and Stuart Hogg from New Routes gave presentations on the work of each of their organisations.  Rachel and Alison agreed to circulate the contact details for Yvonne, Fiona, and Stuart so that ToC partners could get in touch with them so that connections could be made within the prisons.

Christine McFarlane-Slack and Hazel Archer gave a presentation on the use of attending anywhere and asked workshop attendees to consider if telehealth was available within their area of practice relating to prisons, where would it be most valuable now, and in the future? (more information on the discussion is available in the notes at the bottom of the page)

Other presentations: 

  • Perth case study (notes below)

Lisa Jamieson gave a presentation on the benefits of occupational therapy for people in prison. The group discussed the tendency in the OT profession to categorise OTs into particular specialisms, whereas what may be required is a ‘prison OT’ who can take a holistic approach.

Gwen Agnew provided an introduction to the ‘Providing Community Equipment to Prisons’ protocol and the group were asked to consider the draft and feedback their comments to Rachel and Alison. A copy of the protocol would be circulated electronically.

Carolanne Coll gave an overview of the findings from the IT scoping work. Jill Burke explained that she would meet with teams from each site to agree on priorities and draw up project plans.

Sarah McCullough delivered a presentation on strategic commissioning. In the following discussion, the hard edges report was raised as an example of something being used locally as a lever. It was also felt that looking ahead, there was a need to break down cultural barriers in the system.

A range of other ‘burning’ issues was also discussed – more information in the note below.