Tests of change: Social Care in Prisons workshop 2019


Tests of change: Social Care in Prisons workshop 2019

Thank you for coming to our first of three workshops on tests of change!

Read the agenda here. (Word)

Following introductions from the six test of change sites (Perth and Castle Huntly, Low Moss and Greenock, Shoots, Grampian) the group did a SWOT exercise in local and then professional groups. Key issues included resources and the potential impact of, as yet unknown, levels of need. The potential for the development of more effective, integrated services was also clearly recognised with enthusiasm.

Nigel Ironside from Scottish Prison Service and Gail Allan from Macmillan Cancer talked about the challenges of delivering health and social care in the prison environment and the impact of high numbers of people in prison.

Carolanne Coll from NHS National Shared Services introduced the short piece of work her team are doing with the Heath and Social Care Partnerships to identify the best way for workers to access their assessment and record-keeping systems from the prisons.

The importance of the Third Sector in prisons both now bout also the opportunities for more strategically aligned services were explored by a presentation by Tracey McFall from Turning Point Scotland.

Paul Comley from Stirling University presented on issues around Adult Support and Protection work with vulnerable people in the prison setting and introduced a draft policy from SPS that we hope to test out over the next 6 months.

The tests of change will be collating data and reflecting on how their tests perform through some data collection, reporting template, questionnaires and case studies (the Evaluation Toolkit).

This draft has also been shared with the Scottish Government to enable consensus around the priorities for evaluation. We finished the day with an action note and a commitment to come back together in November for Workshop 2.